Best apps in Nepal

These are some of the best apps in Nepal that are used by the majority of Nepalese. At least 50% of apps listed here are always installed by the majority of people and this is important as well.

You can find these apps from your smartphone applications such as Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. In both stores, you will find hundreds of Nepali apps. These days the usage of Nepali apps is increasing due to the increase in smartphone users in Nepal.

Here are some of the best apps in Nepal:

1. Hamro Pathro

Hamro Patro is so popular and is Nepal’s most downloaded app, that this apps have other apps and platform as well.  Its main purpose is to provide a Nepali calendar for smartphone users.

One of many reasons why it’s popular is due to its multiple features such as astrology services, integrated news, and calendar app. With every update, it brings new services such as remittance, online health consultation, and share market-related services as so on.


2. E Sewa

E Sewa is one of the first digital wallets of Nepal that made online payment so much easier and simple to use. In Nepal’s mobile payment industry, it is one of the best payment service providers. Although Esewa was launched in 2009, its usage has skyrocketed in Nepal since Covid-19.

In every smartphone in Nepal this app is installed, the usage of E sewa was high within Kathmandu Valley but in recent years in other parts of Nepal people are using this app due to its quick and easy service to transfer payments, pay bills, and expenses.


3. Daraz

There are multiple online marketplaces but Daraz has been in the number one spot in Nepal. Like Amazon and eBay, in Nepal Daraz is famous. Even though other platforms are available but due to its brand name that is already established in the Market, it’s hard to remove it from its number-one spot.

Daraz is good with its marketing strategies. it knows how to attract people attraction and keeps on engaging its consumers with training offers like  11.11, 12.12, Dashain Dhamaka, and so on. Daraz also provides discounts now and then providing a wide range of products. It also directly sells many international products.


4. Pathao Nepal

Pathao is a ride-sharing app that dominated the market in its area. Originally from Bangladesh, Pathao started its service in Nepal in 2018. It is one of the most downloaded ride-sharing apps. It has been beneficial to both customers and riders.

Pathao provides many services like ride-sharing using two-wheelers and four-wheelers, food deliveries, and e-commerce services.  People find it easier and faster to travel and also for delivering ordered supplies.


5. NetTV Nepal

NetTV Nepal is now the most popular streaming service in Nepal. As Nepal’s first OTT/IPTV platform. It has provided a wide range of services, including streaming, multi-screen watching, movies, series, and many more.

It has evolved into a smart method of watching television on smart devices. NetTV Nepal also allows you to watch Nepali and foreign TV stations. NetTV Nepal has over one million downloads on Google Play, making it one of the most popular Nepali streaming applications.

6. Khalti

After E Sewa another popular digital wallet in Nepal that is of the same caliber is Khalti. In Nepal’s mobile payment industry, it is also recognized as one of the best payment service providers. Khalti was launched in 2017, Khalti also gained popularity after the Covid pandemic for cashless transactions.

It enables customers to pay for a variety of services, including data/voice packs, internet bills, TV bills, power bills, movie tickets, transportation services, and many more. Khalti has now been in operation for six years and has received over one million downloads from the Google Play Store.


7. Foodmandu

Foodmandu the name itself defines its purpose that is to deliver food through different restaurants online by just staying at your home or your workplace. It’s easier now to get the favorite food item that you curve for from your favorite restaurant by just clicking on your mobile phone through Foodmandu.

The main purpose of this app is to provide fast-food delivery as fast as possible to its customer.


8. Nepali Dictionary

An app called Nepali Dictionary offers the ability to translate words into their Nepali equivalents. Any English word can be looked up online or offline to determine its definition. The majority of Nepalis have downloaded this app to look up the Nepali equivalents of English words.

Its features are mostly related to translating the English word to Nepali which can be done online or through offline. The translation that is done provides the exact meaning of the English words.

The above-mentioned apps are used by the majority of the Nepali population beside these there are others as well that are in use. For more updates that revolve around the Nepali Tech industry, you can click here!!


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