Online Betting Advertisement Is Illegal In Nepal.


According to Nepal law betting is Illegal as well as online betting advertisement is illegal in Nepal yet people are involved in these activities. It is generally not a good idea to start a firm that engages in unlawful activities because it could lead to criminal charges and fines. Due to digitalization, it has widely spread in recent years and it’s hard to track of these illegal activities.

Recently it was announced that people involved in betting or advertising such activities will be punished and now Nepal Police are on the move. Today some YouTubers and artists who are involved in betting advertising through their social media and Youtube channels were arrested.

Why Content Creators  Advertise Online Betting ?

Lots of content creators’ advertise online betting sites such as 1xbet, Ivibet , Mostbet etc through their video.  By advertising these betting sites the creators get centain amount of money around 1Lakh which is huge for Nepali individual. They also get paid if new users use their reference code. So its highly profitable and to earn that much in short period of time takes a lots of effort.

Why Its Harmful to Others ?

Addiction: Online betting, especially when real money is involved, may be extremely addicting. Individuals might easily establish a gambling habit because to the simplicity and accessibility of internet platforms. This addiction can cause serious financial concerns, damaged relationships, and even mental health problems espically in case of Nepal.

Impaired decision-making: When people gamble online, they frequently make judgments based on emotions rather than logic. The thrill of the game and the urge to win can cloud judgment, leading to rash and risky wagers. This can lead to more financial losses as well as perpetuate addicted habits.

Underage gambling: Online betting services may lack enough measures to prevent underage participants from partaking. This can result in young individuals establishing gambling addictions at a young age, which can have long-term implications for their well-being and financial stability.

The use of technology must be done in correct manner, but unfortunately people are using it for their greed. For more Tech updates Click Here!




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