How to change the Threads account password?

Every once in a while you must change the password in your Threads account, Why? You need to understand that your account might be compromised without your knowledge. Changing your password every few months can help you to limit the possibility of getting your account hacked and misused.

There are lots of cases where users don’t even know that their account is hacked and is used for cybercriminal activities. You have to change your Threads password in the upcoming days for sure as for now Threads is just recently launched.

Steps to Change Your Threads Account Password:

Step 1) Go to your Threads profile and click on double bar

First go to your profile, there on the right top side you will see a double line. Tap on that it will direct you to Settings.

Step 2) Click on Account

In Settings there are a couple of options, you need to tap on “Account”

Step 3) Click on Security

Inside “Account” you will see security click on it, It will redirect you to your Instagram.

Step 4) Switch to your IG account

Understand that your Threads and Instagam account is connected so certain processes are linked. You need to be familiar with your Instagram first then you can understand this process more easily.

Step 5) Click on Password and Security

From here it’s all Instagram features that you will be using. Below Personal detail, you will see Password and Security.

Step 6) Click on Change Password

Inside Password and Security, there are two heading Login & Recovery and Security Check. Inside Login & Recovery there you will see Change Password just tap on it.

Step 7) Update your Password

Finally, you need to enter your old password and the new password that you want to put in and confirm it again. Then you can click on change password, your account password will be changed.


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