Why it’s better to change your Gmail account password?

When you have been using your Gmail account for a while, it’s better to change your Gmail account password every few months. Changing your password is not compulsory but you should once in a while because you may be unaware that your password for an account might be hacked due to which misusing your account may cause cybercrime without your knowing.


Google Gmail is a free email service given out by Google. Users can send and receive emails, as well as manage and organize them using various features such as labels, filters, and search options. Gmail also provides its users with a significant amount of storage space for their emails and other attachments.

Steps To change your Gmail account password:

1) Go To Your Gmail Account

First, you need to sign in to your Gmail account or you can sign in by going to the Gmail website www.gmail.com

2) Click on your Gmail picture picture

When your login to your account you need to click on your profile picture which is located at the top right corner of your Chrome page.

3) Click on “Manage your Google Account.”

When you click on your profile picture, your Gmail account, picture, and username can be seen. Right below that detail, you will see “Manage your Google Account” Click on that.

4) Click on “Security.”

Once you click on Manage your Google Account you will be on the next page and the left-hand side, click on “Security.”

5) Click on “Password”

Inside security, you will see “How you sign in to Google” Within that topic click on “Password” to change your password.

6) Enter your “Current Password.”

To change your password you need to first enter your current password to continue the process.

7) Enter “New Password.”

Now you are required to enter a new password in the “New password” field which should be unique and strong.  Then confirm again in the “Confirm new password” field.

8) Click on “Change Password”

Finally, you need to click on “Change Password” to save and update your new password.

When you are done changing your password you need to reenter your new password in your devices. As you are logout automatically due to  password update. Don’t forget to note down your new password or consider utilizing a password manager to store your Gmail passwords.


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